Tuesday, 12 February 2013

February 14

February 14,the first thing which come into our mind is Valentines Day or Lovers Day and i am sure that all the Lovers and Couples are waiting for this day for many reason respectively.

In the view of the Marketing Wits, On February 14, is en-cashed by many Companies and Firms this days, due to there influence many people in India started celebrating Valentines Day.

And on that day the below items are sold in the market
  • Roses especially Red Roses
  • Greetings
  • Red Cloths
  • Gift Items
  • Chocolates and Cakes
  • Gold
  • Heart shaped items
  • Ice Creams.
photo by: Bhargav Photography 
And many companies are promoting the Valentines Day to increase there sales to earn profits and The Shopping Malls are celebrating to attract more number of visitors to Mall, and many small firms are displaying the Heart symbols and Greetings outside there firms to attract more customers.

From the Valentine Day the Small firms, Flower sellers,Ice Cream shops,Shopping Malls, Advertising Agencies, Television Channels,Radio Channels etc., are benefited and can earn some money. 

Now a days it become something like on the Feb 14th only the love should be expressed and more students are waiting for that day only, and what we like to suggest is Don't Love for Valentine Day only.

Happy Valentines Day from Marketing Wits. 

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