Saturday, 26 January 2013

TV Serial Marketing

TV Serial Marketing may be the name itself looks like a new word in Marketing. But now a days the TV serial is also doing marketing of there serials by the following types

  • Advertisement, by giving advertisement about there serial in other channels mainly to news channels where they can target some other people who are not fond of serials, and to attract people.
  • By visiting every city in the state and organizing the event for public's or viewers to ask questions to clarify the doubts about the serial, this type of show will also attract the people to keep on watching the serial for a long time or up-to the end and by that the word of communication about the serial will be take place. and its like the customer becoming the loyal customer like the same way the viewers become loyal viewers of the serial.
  • Asking viewers about what to happen next, the viewers will choose what to happen next in the serial, they have the choice of changing the story of the serial, for the for the viewers a question is asked and option is also provided and asking them to choose, according to the highest points the story will continue.
  •  By reminding the viewers about there serial like in 10 min the serial is going to start, this type is used for viewers to stay on the respective channel itself.
  • By showing the scenes and make curious of the serial to attract the viewers to watch to know what happen next, is this leaving the question mark in the mind of the viewers to watch and find the answer for the question 
  • And many other method is used by the serials to market there serials.

Hope you got some information about TV Serial Marketing.

Happy Watching Serials
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